How to Outline an Article Online

Basic Instincts of an Online Writer  

Did you know that writing an online paper is similar to writing papers for a regular school assignment? The only difference lies in the number of hours you put into developing your piece, as opposed to the amount of money you spend. Online writing means that you get more freedom than you would in a school setting. You can pursue different careers outside school. 

So who is an online writer? A writer is an individual who creates and publishes articles online for academic purposes. The pieces obtained are used as learning tools to enable a student to be aware of a particular subject. 

The examples are created based on the learner’s instructions and trends in that particular field. The writer then paraphrases the content using the particular citation style, determining the requirements necessary to get the desired result. In the writing process, a student completes separate chapters before submitting the completed article. 

Elements of an Online Paper Structure

An outline determines the general outlines of your paper. It is essentially a guide to your writing as you write the paper. The main thing to consider when writing an outline is to ensure that it is flexible and easy to use. Ensure you can incorporate comments by your tutor for easy reference. 

The skeleton of an online piece could take the form of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In a normal outline, you would introduce the topic by providing background information and highlighting the necessary parameters. An outline is used to outline the content of your paper in advance. The reason for this is that you can set a definite time frame, and then a writer can have enough time to research the specified area.

The body comprises of three sections – a start, which includes an overview of the body content, an elaboration of the supporting content, and a summary of the ideas that you discussed in the introduction. It is essential to point out that the ideas that appear in the body are based on the information present in your assignment. They have to be presented logically. 

The conclusion, which also varies according to the type of online paper, is the final segment of the writing process. The writer gives a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas in the paper.

The idea is that different sections of the paper give a different approach towards the main subject. These are the spine, introduction, body, and conclusion. All the segments have to be handled expertly for an online paper to qualify as an academic essay. Each of these sections has a function and contributes significantly to the overall paper. 

The format of an online paper will undoubtedly be different from that of paper. As such, you should know how you can format your paper according to your instructor. Formatting an online article involves taking the information you have presented in your paper and compiling it using a specific format. 

The problem that students face when writing an online paper is the lack of a handy outline that allows them to develop an essay that meets their tutor’s expectations. The solution lies in understanding the fundamental elements of the paper. With an outline, you can incorporate all the sections without any difficulties. These are:

  • Introduction
  • Body 
  • Conclusion

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