Writing a Short Story Outline: Are You Concerned With Producing Quality Content?

Understand What Makes a Short Story Outline

In case you have ever drafted short stories, you have probably always had the pattern of introducing the plot and tying everything together. However, what if I told you that there is more to the writing process that you may not realize?

After all, the writing process is the same as most other academic and creative works. However, the difference is that an expert is familiar with creating top-quality content as it progresses. This is why most students dread the period of research and writing a short story. As a learner, it is vital to understand the difference between short stories and other forms of creative writing. Understand the difference between:

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Poetry
  • Term papers

Essentially, a story comprises of the following three sections:

The introduction

You should begin your piece with a hook. A good story opener will either intrigue the reader to keep reading the piece or move them into action. The start is the only part of the piece you will write directly after you have established the background of the piece. The hook will guide the reader in a unique direction. It should intrigue the reader from the beginning.

Second, research should be undertaken for the content. Your audience will clearly see the point of your piece through your research. Furthermore, you should collect as many interesting facts as you can to make the reader want more.

The body

This part will comprise of the major arguments in your story. The author should include this part of the story because readers know that the characters will make arguments throughout the story. The majority of your piece will be spent explaining your perspectives on the subject matter.

Tips for Writing a Short Story Outline

Understanding the difference between short stories and other types of creative writing, like essays and novels, will help you with producing outstanding content.

Finding a Type of Structure

Writing a short story has some unique challenges compared to other forms of creative writing. Do not be confused by this fact as you should not add any unnecessary information or complexity in the outline. This can be indicated by sticking to the three major sections as described above.

Crafting a Different Tailored Short Story Outline

You should break down your piece into its component parts. You can then develop a character and story outline to guide your writing. Alternatively, you can develop an argument or a problem that the characters face. Remember to tie all the major points together. It is the backbone of any good story. Lastly, make sure you stick to a consistent structure throughout your piece.

Use of Style

Outlining a short story also depends on the style to be used. There are a variety of formatting styles to consider. There is most certainly a black and white style used in academic writing. However, there is also a color variety that utilizes several colors to differentiate elements in your writing. Do not forget to apply the appropriate style throughout your writing.

In summary, even though a short story is a fun and unique way to develop ideas, its accuracy is compromised by its basic structure. Therefore, the design of your story will make the audience enjoy reading it.

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